Servable is the tool that "allows us to continue to scale"

Sourced has experienced rapid growth, but they needed a platform to pay and coordinate hundreds of workers across the country. "Fortunately," they found Servable.

Sourced Craft Cocktails is the premium bar service for events, pairing exceptionally fresh ingredients with professional mixologists who are experienced in the art of making the perfect cocktail. In other words, this ain't your average event bar.

But as they started growing into multiple markets simultaneously, the old way wasn't going to work: text messages, cash, checks, phone calls. They needed a better way to pay and coordinate their bartenders. Enter, Servable. 

 "Is your business scaling? Have you gone from needing 10 independent contractor shifts covered to 100, then 1000? Wow, in one month? That's a great problem to have. Still a problem when you think about all the text messages you have to send to organize that independent contractor labor force. 

That's why we were very fortunate to discover and onboard with Servable's labor management platform. In it we've found a piece of technology that allows us to continue to scale and a team behind the tech that's friendly, responsive, and genuinely cares about our success. Thanks, Servable! Next cocktail’s on us!"

Tim A.

Founder of Sourced

Dallas, TX

How Servable Works for Sourced Craft Cocktails

When Sourced books a new client, Servable gives the Sourced team a seamless workflow. Let's compare the old way with the new way:

The New Way

1. Open Servable, create a Job

2. Sit back and let bartenders claim the work opportunity

3. Get a notification when the job is finished to approve time and process payment in one tap

The Old Way

1. Think of which bartenders might be available

2. Text lots of them to figure out who's available

3. Text the others to tell them the job is full

4. Text or email job details to the bartenders

5. Go to the event in person to pay bartenders with check or cash

How Sourced Got Started with Servable

Sourced asked Servable for free setup assistance, so we helped them configure their Teams just right. From there, inviting bartenders is as easy as entering an email address or phone number. No sending or storing sensitive financial information, and no paperwork. 

With teams of bartenders across multiple cities, Sourced now has their entire workforce centralized in the cloud—and organized by skillset, preferences and more. Booking bartenders takes just seconds, and payments happen with a single tap. There's a good reason the Sourced founder says Servable is the platform that "allows us to continue to scale."

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