Paying contract-labor crew members through Servable is "life changing" for this team

This fast-growing event rentals business in Austin, TX uses Servable to manage crew workers.

It seems hard to believe, but there was a time when Panacea paid their contract crew members with checks, and coordinated work the old fashioned way: with spreadsheets, phone calls, text messages.

Now, Panacea pays their workers automatically with no invoices and no hassle: just approve their time worked and pay in a single tap. No more lists, no more checks, no more 1099s. 

Plus, by paying their independent contractors with a credit card, they're earning tons of points and cash back! Lisa H., the founder of Panacea, says, "Overall it’s been life-changing for us to send these requests and manage payments through Servable. Loving it!"

"Servable enables us to grow our business faster. Not only faster, but also in exciting new ways."

Lisa H.

Founder of Panacea

Austin, TX

How Servable Works for Panacea

“With Servable, all our trusted crew members are ready to claim work opportunities at any time. We just create a 'job' which takes a few seconds. Servable handles messaging, time entry, and securely handles the payment. It’s much easier and way more efficient.

“Since we started using Servable, managing our people takes just a fraction of the time it took before.” Lisa (the owner) says a job that required 4 hours of administrative work now requires just 30 minutes - that’s an 8x improvement!

That means the Panacea team can focus more on growth, and less - way less - on busywork.

"Servable helps me and my team spend a lot more time on work that generates new business and work that improves our clients’ experiences - the stuff we love. If you mean being successful and having fun while doing what we love, then Servable definitely helps us maximize our human potential."

Lisa H.

Founder of Panacea

Austin, TX

How Panacea Got Started with Servable

They just signed up and added their crew members. Within moments, the Panacea team had their team of trusted contract workers in one place, where payments are effortless and scheduling workers is incredibly easy.

In their first few months on Servable, Panacea grew their workforce of trusted independent contractors by 6 times. Now, with more trusted workers on call, they can work bigger projects and they can handle more projects simultaneously—and that means they can grow the business faster!

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