How Panacea's high-end rental business got 8x more efficient while growing faster

Managing contract-labor crew members through Servable is "life changing" for this team

Company: Panacea Collection

Industry: Furniture & decor rentals

Location: Austin, TX

Why Servable: Manage crew workers

"Servable enables us to grow our business faster. Not only faster, but also in exciting new ways."

- Lisa H., owner, Panacea Rentals

8 times more efficient

It seems hard to believe, but there was a time when Panacea coordinated their contract crew members the old fashioned way - with spreadsheets, phone calls, text messages - and paid them with checks. With Servable, Panacea’s people are now on-demand.

How does it work?

“With Servable, all our trusted crew members are ready to claim work opportunities at any time. We just create service requests, which takes about as much time as booking an Uber or Lyft car - just a few seconds. Servable handles messaging, time entry, and securely handles the payment. It’s much easier and way more efficient.” That means the Panacea team can focus more on growth, and less - way less - on busywork.

Was it a hassle to get started?

They just signed up and invited their crew members. Within moments, the Panacea team had their team of trusted contract workers in one place, where hiring is incredibly easy and making payments is effortless.

“Since we started using Servable, managing our people takes just a fraction of the time it took before.” Lisa (the owner) says a job that required 4 hours of administrative work now requires just 30 minutes - that’s an 8x improvement!

"Being successful and having fun while doing what we love."

Here's what the Panacea owner said about Servable's vision to maximize human potential:

"Servable helps me and my team spend a lot more time on work that generates new business and work that improves our clients’ experiences - the stuff we love. If you mean being successful and having fun while doing what we love, then Servable definitely helps us maximize our human potential."

"Overall it’s been life-changing for us to send these requests and manage payments through Servable. Loving it!"

- Lisa H., owner, Panacea Rentals

#1 Takeaway: Servable is great for managing contract workers

If you’ve got a group of contractors who work for you on a regular basis, Servable makes managing their work way more efficient.

#2 Takeaway: The benefits of using Servable happen right away

Setup takes just moments, and any business or organization can instantly enjoy the benefits of having their own private service marketplaces.

"Servable helps me and my team spend a lot more time on work that generates new business and work that improves our client’s experience - the stuff we love."

- Lisa H., owner, Panacea Rentals

Give your team superpowers with Servable

If you can send an email or fill out a form, you can use Servable. It really is that easy.

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