A new & better way to organize your workforce

Upgrade from your spreadsheet to a rolodex of independent contractors in the cloud

Rich contractor profiles

Add and edit contact information, locations and social media accounts

Reference work types, rates, past performance, work history, and any other custom information you want to store in your contractors' profiles. 

You own your data! Export your team's info any time

Know who your best workers are, and what they've done

Log work history with details about the contractor's performance on each job—or, add our Coordinate product to automatically log all jobs into each contractor's profile

Keep private tags and private notes about your contractors for future reference

Store files like signed contracts, NDAs, resumes, pictures, etc.

Powerful contractor dashboard

Search your database by skill, rates, past performance

Use filters to categorize your workers into groups

Pair with Servable Coordinate to offer jobs to groups of people

Invite your employees or managers to join

They can edit and reference contractor information

Easily control team members access and admin privileges

Starting at just $9/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Servable help me get more customers, grow my business and make more money?

Yes, it will. Servable saves businesses up to 80% of the time they spend coordinating and dealing with independent contractors. In the words of one customer, “Servable enables us to grow our business faster. Not only faster, but also in exciting new ways." Servable helps you grow your business in the most important way: by giving you and your team more time to find new customers and to better serve your current customers.

How does the free trial work?

You can use Servable completely free for up to two weeks. If you reach two weeks and you’re still not sure if Servable is right for your business, contact support for a free trial extension.

Can I upload an excel spreadsheet? Is it quick to get started?

Yes: easily upload your current list of contractors to get started. Setting up a new company on Servable usually takes about 10 minutes. If you don’t want to do it yourself, our customer success team will do it all for you, completely free of charge—just chat with us to get started.

Can I use Servable to find new contractors?

Servable is not a database of contractors for you to search through—it's better. We provide powerful tools to help you find new contractors from anywhere on the web with a built-in Applicant Tracking System. The first step is to create a custom application form in Servable, including all the questions you need to ask candidates (work history, client referrals, social media links, etc.). Next, you’ll share the application form on the web: social media, job sites, or even on your own website. Contractors can complete the application form without creating a Servable account, and you can filter and review candidates right in Servable. Once you approve a candidate, they’ll be added to your workforce alongside your other contractors. 

I don’t already know lots of contractors. Will I get value out of using Servable?

Yes! The sooner you start building your online rolodex of contractors, the better. Our Applicant Tracking System is designed to help you build up your pool of trusted contractors. Get started now, and in no time at all you’ll have a solid stable of contractors you can tap into any time.

Why is Servable better than my current list or spreadsheet of contractors?

We’re glad you asked. Servable isn’t just “one more piece of software” you’re adding to your system. It’s specifically designed to save time and make work more fun, in ways that no spreadsheet could ever do. First, your contractor profiles in Servable are so much more than a boring line in a database: add pictures, files, documents, skills, payment rates, past performance, work history ratings, and any custom attributes you want. You can also add private tags, so only you or certain team members can see them. Second, Servable enables you to control which team members can view and access your contractors, ensuring the right employees have access to the right contractors at any given time. And third, Servable comes with awesome built-in tools to help you know your contractors’ availability, and to grow your contractor workforce over time. Give it a try, and you’ll see why businesses just like yours absolutely love Servable!

Is Servable a website or a phone app?

Servable is a mobile website: we deliver the same awesome experience on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. As we continue to improve Servable and add more features to support how your business works with contractors, we promise to deliver our features in best, most user-friendly way.

Can other people see the contractors I add? 

When you add contractors to Servable, they’re only visible to you and any managers or admins you add to your company account. If your contractor later decides to set up their own Servable account, they can choose their own privacy settings.

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