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Build up your independent contractor workforce and enjoy effortless scheduling, coordinating and payments.

Start by adding the independent contractors you know and trust. Then, use Servable to schedule, coordinate and pay them while growing your workforce.

Easily grow your workforce

Imagine having your independent contractors in one place, organized by skill-set, and one tap away for any job.

Manage unlimited contract workers

Organize workers by skill-set + capabilities

Tools to help you approve + onboard new workers

Schedule & coordinate

Spend 90% less time coordinating workers with the best contractor scheduling, management and communication tools on the planet.

Book individual workers or groups of varying sizes

Book specific workers or use  marketplace-style claiming

Email & SMS notifications, shift reminders, tons of advanced features

Fast, secure payments

Pay workers with a single click and wave goodbye to invoicing and 1099 reporting forever.

Confirm time worked by each contractor before paying

Pay with a single click from your bank account or credit card

 Automated 1099 tracking and reporting - no more hassles

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