Upgrade from your spreadsheet to a rolodex of independent contractors in the cloud

Rich contractor profiles

Add and edit contact information, locations and social media accounts

Reference work types, rates, past performance, work history, and any other custom information you want to store in your contractors' profiles. 

You own your data! Export your team's info any time

Know who your best workers are, and what they've done

Log work history with details about the contractor's performance on each job—or, add our Coordinate product to automatically log all jobs into each contractor's profile

Keep private tags and private notes about your contractors for future reference

Store files like signed contracts, NDAs, resumes, pictures, etc.

Powerful contractor dashboard

Search your database by skill, rates, past performance

Use filters to categorize your workers into groups

Pair with Servable Coordinate to offer jobs to groups of people

Invite your employees or managers to join

They can edit and reference contractor information

Easily control team members access and admin privileges

Starting at $9 per month

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Businesses Love Servable Organize

Since we started using Servable, managing workers takes a fraction of the time it took before. Servable enables us to grow our business faster. Not only faster, but also in exciting new ways. 


Founder of Panacea

Austin, TX

With Servable, we can now easily pay and schedule team members in one place. As we drive growth we expect Servable to continuously deliver significant operational efficiencies.


Founder of Early Bird Tacos

San Francisco, CO

We were very fortunate to discover and onboard with Servable's labor management platform. In it we've found a piece of technology that allows us to continue to scale. Thanks, Servable!


Founder of Sourced

Denver, CO

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