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Servable is built by a distributed team of experts with a shared vision for the future of work.

Joining our team as a freelancer or independent contractor

Our distributed team collaborates constantly and communicates openly using Slack channels, Trello, Google Drive, and of course, Servable. Each team is comprised of independent contractors, some in the USA and some abroad.

If you're an independent contractor / freelancer and you want to apply to join one of our teams, first please make sure you reside in one of these countries. If your country of residence is on that list, please click the team you want to apply to join (if the link isn't active, it means we aren't currently accepting applicants to join the team):

Open Roles


UX/UI Design


Organic Content Distribution (incl. Social & PR)

Don't see your sweet spot in the list above? Have a different skillset you want to bring to Servable? Click below:

Joining our team as an employee

We're currently seeking full time employees in Austin, Texas for these positions:

Have a general question for us? Get in touch.

What matters to us

The Servable team is focused on this mission: to make it easier for people to serve each other. We believe the following values, when used to guide decision making, best support our mission:

Creative Dynamism

Reverence for Life

Astonish with Value

Grow the Service Ethic

Design for Lives Well Lived

Reinvest in Reinterpretations


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